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Episode 74: Cedrick Mgwaba- Living The Gospel Through Education

Born and raised in South Africa, Cedrick was as he puts it, “minding my own business”, and working with a missions Organization, called Youth With A Mission. But then, as life would have it, he fell in love with another missionary and they move to the United States to pursue the will of God for their lives. It was while he was in Indiana that he stumbled across the Crossing Educational Center, an alternative school that seeks dropouts and helps to educate them and works how can I be a part of what God is doing why do I have to look and find what God is doing and how can I was one of the one of the unique Ministry that is going around in town and then figure out how they can graduate or how they can and money and then you crossing the other side and has a unique structure of academics with them toward earning their High School diplomas and pursuing secondary education. It is here in this current educational missionary field that Cedric and a whole host of other teachers are seeking for the lives of the students that they influence. Listen as Cedric, along with a few students he brought to the studio share how God has changed their lives through education and mentorship.


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