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Episode 34: Joseph Petty- His Testimony is Pretty “Special”

Joseph Petty shares his powerful testimony of how his search for a father figure led him on an awesome journey to serve some pretty special people. ┬áSometimes we don’t know where our search for God or for significance or purpose will lead us. Joseph Petty went on such a journey. He shares some of the highlights of his testimony that caused him to be led to some pretty powerful men in his life. The theme of the search of a good father seems pretty dominant in Joseph’s life. Joseph is now using his influence to be a voice for those who have developmental disabilities by serving as a huge platform and trumpeter for the Special Olympics. Hear how you can also be a support to him by downloading his song on iTunes to support the cause for those who cannot do for themselves. His wife Adriana was with us earlier this year, but Joseph shares his own unique journey and how that the hand of God has been on his life and is served him well in becoming a powerful husband and now a mentor for other young men.


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