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Episode 58: Jim Holderead- Laying Aside The Weight

Jim Holderead has an amazing testimony that the world needs to hear. Jim had struggled with being overweight for most of his adult life. When he received news about his extremely high blood pressure and other troubling health news, he decided it was time to make a change.  He started at the most basic level- doing exercises seated in a chair. But he slowly worked his way up, and began doing more complex exercises.  More importantly, he realized that the source of his weight gain was connected to some other issues in his life.  When Jim decided to get to the root of the issue, he began to uncover and unpack areas of his life, that God wanted to heal.  Listen to Jim’s testimony today and receive freedom for yourself as well.  Be inspired by this story of redemption and see how getting to the root of “a thing” can lead to deliverance and liberty in ways you’ve never dreamed.


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