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Episode 1: Introducing HisStories with Gil & Kevin

Pastor Gil Michel shares his testimony of growing up in New York and being raised in a strict Pentecostal church, Gil recalls spending a lot of time attending church services.  At the age of 18 Gil heard a message about the love of God in a way he had never heard in his life.  It was at that moment Gil joined the few that are truly radical for Christ, and set out to change the lives of everyone they came in contact with. Gil was radical about the way he spread the gospel, he started a street ministry right smack in the middle of New York every Saturday morning he preached the gospel.  Gil answered an ad in the newspaper that said do you want to be used by the Lord; from there Gil along with a group of  preachers went out and took the Lord to the people with the goal in mind to reach 10,000 souls a day.  Later on Gil made the transition to South Bend where he currently pastors That Church Downtown with his wife Marketo and their beautiful children Jolai, and Christian.
Pastor Kevin Mitschelen shares his testimony of growing up in South Bend, Indiana and growing up in church and being very blessed to know God and had parents that loved the Lord.  Kevin remembers very often as child being fearful of what the end would look like for him, but never at that point having an experience with God until he attended a crusade by Billy Graham.  Kevin remembers being in the 6th grade at the time the Lord speaking to him, loud and clear at this crusade and him answering the call of the Lord to truly open his heart and mind to what God was saying and commanding him to do.  Kevin’s mission is to complete the task that needs to be done even when it doesn’t make sense.  Join HisStories, Pastor Gil, and Pastor Kevin as they deliver faith, hope, and the good news through their podcast.

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