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Episode 3: Harry Lockridge- The Power To Break Addiction

Harry Lockridge shares his testimony of being born and raised in Detroit, Michigan, where soon after his parents divorced his mother moved Harry and his brother to Niles, Michigan where Harry currently resides.  As a teenager Harry got in some trouble, but through the grace of God and a judge offering him a second chance, Harry joined the marines.  After coming home Harry found a job which he worked for several years until he was laid off.  It was at this time he fell victim to drugs and the streets, which took him on a whirlwind, he wouldn’t soon forget.  During this season of Harry’s life he spent chasing drugs; he missed the most important years of his son’s life.  After years of drug abuse Harry found himself in a situation where he had to choose the drugs or his ailing mother.  Harry chose to take care of his mother, and through her passing he found redemption through Jesus Christ.  Since giving his life to Christ Harry has been on an upward spiral, please join HisStories and Harry and find out how God turned his life right side up.


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