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Episode 9: Chad Addie- Inviting God Into The Public Space

Chad shares his testimony of going through seasons of being fatherless and not knowing what direction God was taking his life.  At a pivotal time in Chad’s life he heard the Holy Spirit say to him, “you will impact children.”  It was at that point Chad found a church in Valparaiso, Indiana when years into that experience Chad felt a pull in the direction of wanting more, again he heard the Holy Spirit say” A faceless generation is coming Chad. “ It was from that point on Chad made it his mission to raise up fathers in this generation.  In his prime, Chad experienced tragedy, with his wife tragically hurt in a car accident his life was changed in an instant.  In this season of Chad’s life he found himself taking care of 4 children, and questioning God while still serving the Lord.  Chad went on to become an administrator in the public school system, while understanding the vision that this generation is going to be saved.  Please join HisStories and Chad to find out how the church can be effective in the public school system.

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