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Episode 76: Lachelle Barnett – Father, Can you Hear Me? (replay)

Lachelle Barnett shares her testimony of how not having her parents in her life affected her life.  Lachelle was born and raised in South Bend, and unfortunately because her parents were addicted to drugs she and her siblings were removed from the home and had to live with other relatives.  Lachelle lived with her aunt and grew up in the church and remembers her aunt being there for her physically and making sure she visually saw her presence, but was emotionally detached from Lachelle.  At 14 she became a parent, not knowing how to be a parent she did everything she could to be there for her children, while relying on God in the process.  Lachelle is the co-founder of Father’s First a non-profit organization that provides fathers the opportunity to create long lasting memories with their children.  Please join HisStories and Lachelle and find out how through her relationship with the Father, she’s helping fathers be a part of their children’s lives.

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