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Episode 4: Zach Castillo- God’s Favor, The Backdrop For Miracles

Zach Castillo shares his testimony of how Gods grace and power changed his life.  Zach comes from a broken home, he recalls his father leaving when he was 6 years old.  Zach being an older brother took over the role man of the house and helped take care of his younger brother.  Zach grew up going from church to church, hoping he would find God’s love.  As he entered middle school his mom gave him the choice of either attending church or not, soon Zach would find a group of his peers, and through that found his passion in the drums.  From there unsuspecting to Zach he landed himself right in the middle of a worship band.  Zach recalls finding family and receiving love through his church and band.  Not soon after that he would have a very personal encounter with the Lord, Zach recalls hearing a voice clear as day say to him “there is more to life than this.”  At that point he began to discover a reason for the Lord.  Zach soon experienced tragedy of a loved one, he talks about discovering the “Why of the Lord” and instead of giving up that put a fire under his feet and he went full speed ahead serving the Lord with the desire to go higher.  Zach talks about having a second encounter with God that gave him the understanding that he was in a well that dried up.  Zach tells a story of being sent to the eastern part of Ethiopia (the 3rd most Holy city of Islam) this experience changed Zach’s life forever.  Please Join HisStories and Zach to experience the miracles God has done in his life.


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