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Episode 29- Mike Cooksey- God’s First Responder

Mike Cooksey shares his testimony of being on the forefront of tragedy at a young age helped him rely on God.  Mike was born in Missouri, but eventually Mike’s father would move the family to Colorado.   At the age of 16 Mike joined his youth group; he recalls is real first experience with tragedy working at a summer camp when a young child drowned.  Once Mike turned 18 he graduated high school as an E.M.T.  During Mike’s career he experienced one if the worst tragedy’s in history, when the Columbine massacre happened it shook Mike’s faith to the core.  As a police officer Mike admits if it had not been for his responsibility and the oath he took to protect and serve he would have given up.  Mike share experiencing God’s total peace after being married a month his wife passed away, through the process he never blamed God.  Please join HisStories and Mike and find out how through tragedy his faith never waivered.


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