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Episode 20: Jake Teshka- With God, Its All In The Family

Jake Teshka currently resides in Indiana; he works as a commercial tire salesman who in the past has worked in politics.  Jake grew up Catholic and remembers never being encouraged to read the word, or to seek out a relationship with the Lord.  Jake recalls the priest from the church he went to as a child becoming involved in a sexual abuse scandal.  Jake had a very difficult time dealing with the news that a man he trusted, and that had a relationship with his family betrayed his trust.  Sometime after this news broke, Jake and his mom had the opportunity to meet with one of the priest’s victims, and what they were told blew them away.  Jake was devastated the person he went to for forgiveness needed forgiveness himself.  After this Jake and his family stopped going to church, during high school Jake thought he found his self-worth, but boy was he wrong it wasn’t he was invited to church and later had his come to Jesus moment.  Please join HisStories and Jake and find out how through pain he’s found joy in God.


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