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Episode 19: Jeff Walker- The Posterchild For Shattering Shame

Jeff Walker resides in Mishawaka, Indiana but grew up in Harvey, Illinois.  Jeff relocated to Indiana through his addiction to drugs, while on this journey Jeff met a couple that encouraged him to seek out the Lord. Jeff found work and also found favor through his employer.  Jeff tells of his most recent struggle which was his divorce.  Jeff recalls this as being one of the most difficult times in his life, he couldn’t understand how God allowed something he ordained to be broken.  During this rough time in Jeff’s life he remembers being unreceptive to anyone that wanted to help him, but Jeff’s reality was difficult for him to process.  Jeff tells of how his relationship with God at that time took on shame, guilt, and embarrassment, God downloaded to Jeff that he “carried the believer’s shame.”  Jeff never stopped attending church during his divorce, but the shame he felt was very real.  Join HisStoires and Jeff to find out how he has been able to get back to the one true God, and how he allowed God to get the glory from his life post divorce.


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