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Episode 18: Marvin Larue- It’s Not How You Start…

Marvin Larue shares his story of how after  his mother passed away he and his sister were sent to live with their grandparents, and when Marv turned 10 years old his sister who was a few years older than him left and started a family which then left  Marv alone with his grandparents.  Marv remembers going to school in clothes that didn’t fit and were too big for him.  Marv recalls a time in his young life when he was a wild child, he tells a story of stealing money from his grandmother, unfortunately for him when his grandfather found out he beat Marv until he was black and blue.  Marv’s grandmother felt incredibly bad for telling on him, and from that point on she never told on Marv again. After Marv’s grandmother passed away Marv went to live with a foster family, which Marv later found out that his foster father was his actually his step mothers brother.  Marv remembers being treated wonderfully, please join HisStories and Marv to find out how after hitting rock bottom he was redeemed by God.


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