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Episode 15: Carmine Azzato- Wrestling With God

Carmine “Blast” Azzato shares his testimony of how God changed his life.  Carmine was born and raised in Brooklyn New York, his dream as a child was to be a football player.  Carmine remembers during his high school years being very passionate about whatever he set his mind to , so football was exception.  Carmine even remembers carrying his football everywhere with him, like to funerals, wakes, and weddings.  During his junior year of high school Carmine suffered a blow that would change his path, during a football practice Carmine remembers being hurt by one of his teammates, that was devastating for Carmine because his mom had been in the process of getting him scholarships to go to college.  Carmine remembers the day his life changed, he walked into his high schools gym and saw Andre the Giant (a wrestler) sitting there, he couldn’t believe his eyes.  That day Carmine was discovered by wrestling promoters where they invited him to a local school to train for the next 9 months and while still in high school Carmine became a professional wrestler.  As a pro wrestler Carmine spent his days doing the wrong things, Carmine remembers the moment he walked into the church that would change his life.  Please join HisStories and Carmine and find out how God radically changed him from the inside out.

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