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Episode 14: JT Hooks & Josh- Schooled In Purpose

J.T Hooks shares his testimony of growing up in southern Indiana, where he grew up in the church he knew God, but only on the surface.  In high school Hooks played basketball in fact, that was his passion and he knew his long term goal was to go to college and have a career in basketball weather it was playing or coaching.  Unfortunately, during Hooks 9th grade year in high school, he was in a horrific car accident with his brother and by the grace of God he and his brother survived.  However, both hips were broken and his lung collapsed Hooks recalls the first question he asked the doctor “will I ever play basketball again.”  Hooks would make a full recovery, and after finishing high school, he went on to attend Bethel College, where he played basketball for a few years, and eventually met his wife.  From Bethel College Hooks heard about The Crossing School, which would ultimately change his life for the better.  Hooks would eventually start working at The Crossing and would earn the position as mentor, friend and principal where he has been able to redirect the students through God’s word.
Josh shares his testimony of growing up in South Bend, Indiana.  At an early age Josh was adopted he recalls growing up in a home with a one-way view on God and that was his dad’s view.  As a boy Josh attended church a few times a week, but because of the belief he grew up with Josh has gained a fondness for other’s opinions, and has grown in patience.  Josh talks about the day his life changed he can remember being invited to a church service on a Saturday and doing everything he could to get out of going, but because this particular day was ordained by God Josh attended the service and in his duct taped shoes and clothes that were too small.  Immediately when Josh walked in the church he felt like he was being judged, but that didn’t stop him from bravely going to the altar call and was asked if he had the desire to be baptized.  Josh remembers asking God to prove Himself, so after asking God this question he heard a voice say “you can come back another time.”  Josh immediately knew that was the enemy speaking to him, Josh knew that if he didn’t get baptized right then and there he would never return.  Josh attributes his life change to a prayer he asked God for and that was for knowledge, wisdom, and understanding, and for a heart to see truth and know it.  Join HisStories, Hooks, and Josh and find out how they experienced change through bold prayers in their desires.

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