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Episode 10: Charlotte York- Healing, A Reason To Worship

Charlotte York shares her testimony of how in February 2011 her foundation was shaken to the core.  Charlotte was diagnosed with the life threatening disease Pancreatitis, after being rushed to the hospital from a burst pancreas, and before being put into a medically induced coma for the next five weeks the last thing she remembers saying to her husband is “please take care of our girls”.  Charlotte was given a 3-4% chance of survival, but God had a master plan for her life. Charlotte’s family immediately solicited prayers from their church family, and churches all over the world.  Being a wife, and mother of twins Charlotte fought for her life, she knew she had to get better, through the anger and pain, and with God’s help and the amazing support of her family, Charlotte thanked God through the process, and made a vow she would always lean on God and trust Him no matter what.  Join HisStories and Charlotte and find out how she found real healing through trust and forgiveness.

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