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Episode 28- LaChelle Barnett- Father, Can You Hear Me?

Lachelle Barnett shares her testimony of how not having her parents in her life affected her life.  Lachelle was born and raised in South Bend, and unfortunately because her parents were addicted to drugs she and her siblings were removed from the home and had to live with other relatives. 

Episode 20: Jake Teshka- With God, Its All In The Family

Jake Teshka currently resides in Indiana; he works as a commercial tire salesman who in the past has worked in politics.  Jake grew up Catholic and remembers never being encouraged to read the word, or to seek out a relationship with the Lord.  Jake recalls the priest from the church

Episode 17: Jill Gunn- God is Good At Redemption

Jill Gunn was born and raised in Mishawaka, Indiana has always had head knowledge of God, but never had a personal relationship with Him.  It wasn’t until Jill came to Hope Ministries that Jill found healing, Jill recalls as early as she can remember being someone who has always stuffed

Episode 16: David Mui- God Doesn’t Believe In Atheists

David Mui came to South Bend 4 years ago, originally from Marion, Indiana.  David was raised in the Baha’i faith, his dad immigrated from China, and his mother from Indiana.  David grew up having compassion for other, but he recalls realizing there was a barrier between him and other children

Episode 15: Carmine Azzato- Wrestling With God

Carmine "Blast" Azzato shares his testimony of how God changed his life.  Carmine was born and raised in Brooklyn New York, his dream as a child was to be a football player.  Carmine remembers during his high school years being very passionate about whatever he set his mind to ,

Episode 12: Susan & Roger Walterhouse- Marriage Miracle!

Roger and Susan Waterhouse shares their testimony about being healed/restored through Gods hurt.  They were pastors in Nebraska for something, God blew the door wide open for issues to be magnified.  Roger left his position at the church, soon after Roger found himself in deep water.  His deep dark secret

Episode 1: Introducing HisStories with Gil & Kevin

Pastor Gil Michel shares his testimony of growing up in New York and being raised in a strict Pentecostal church, Gil recalls spending a lot of time attending church services.  At the age of 18 Gil heard a message about the love of God in a way he had never