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Episode 64: Angie Young- Simply, Made Worthy

Angie Young is no secret to a hard life. With getting involved with drug at an early age. Experiencing her parents’ divorce, opened her up to early wounds and a spirit of rejection. After years of trying to cover up pain, she finally gave her life to Jesus. However, Angie

Episode 61: Melissa Semanski- Identity of The Father

One of the things we long for more than anything is identity.  Melissa, is a young woman who, in spite of her upbringing, developed a hunger for God that started with an invitation.  Melissa always felt that her biological father was “somewhere out there” and through a number of circumstances,

Episode 59: Leanne Lower- A Woman On A “Mission”

Leanne Lower could probably tell you about how church should work. After all she's been around it all her life.  So many people, even within the Christian church, debate whether healing is still for today. But it’s been said that a person with an experience is never at the mercy

Episode 58: Jim Holderead- Laying Aside The Weight

Jim Holderead has an amazing testimony that the world needs to hear. Jim had struggled with being overweight for most of his adult life. When he received news about his extremely high blood pressure and other troubling health news, he decided it was time to make a change.  He started